Borrowing money is sometimes necessary and unavoidable. You may be trying to avoid NSF fees at the bank, need to replace a motor in your car so that you can get to work, or maybe you’ve agreed to a lump sum settlement on an outstanding medical bill. And of course there are many other instances. In those times, borrowing between Rs 100,000 – Rs 2,500,000 with affordable monthly payments may be a solution.

If you need to borrow between Rs 100,000 – Rs 25,00,000 Bajaj is a great place to go. Bajaj is independently-owned and has been in business since 1994. We lend with a sense of community. We care about the well-being of our customers and strive to impart empathy at all times, in every situation. Across the company our average branch manager has over 20 years of lending experience in the finance industry. We make loan decisions locally.

We are a TRADITIONAL finance company in an industry where the small loan rate structure has not changed significantly in the past 130 years! Typically, the best pricing and most competitive rates will come from a bank. If you choose an alternative to a traditional bank, we’d strongly suggest avoiding triple-digit APR lenders such as payday, title, and check advance lenders. We believe we are a reasonable alternative to this type of lending institution.